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Hanging Instructions


In order to make the very most of your new Cole & Son wallpaper, we recommend you and your decorator pay close attention to the hanging instructions provided on each roll’s label; we have also provided detailed hanging instructions below.

You can get an indication of how many rolls you will need by using our roll calculator, input your wall dimensions on the product page and you will be provided with an estimated number of rolls required. Please note, a large repeat or half/third match point will mean you will require more rolls. The pattern match will determine where the pattern joins at each side of a drop of wallpaper; ‘Random Match’ is where there is no pattern at the joining edge to match, e.g. a vertical stripe, ‘Straight Match’ is when the pattern repeats side to side on the roll and the pattern joins in the same place on the next drop of wallpaper, ‘Half Drop’ is when the pattern repeats diagonally across a wall and the pattern match from side to side drops down one half before repeating, ‘Third Drop’ is similar, but the pattern match drops down one third before repeating.

Before hanging your wallpaper please check that all rolls are undamaged, that the product code and batch reference are the same for each roll, and that all colours match.

Please also check which way up the design should be and if in doubt, speak with your retailer or view the design in situ via our Instagram.


You will need the following:

  • Paste – we recommend Cole & Son Tub Paste for all of our non-woven wallpapers; a specially prepared ready-mixed starch based paste. Packet pastes and vinyl adhesives are not suitable as they may cause surface staining or adhesion problems.
  • Dust sheets or floor protection
  • Paste brush or roller
  • Sharp knife or snap off blade
  • Plumb bob or laser level
  • Clean sponge and bucket of clean water
  • Smoothing brush or plastic smoother
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge or metal ruler
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Soft cloth
  • Felt or soft roller
  • Ladder
  • Artist’s chalk or pastel. This is to prevent white edges showing at the seams, dark coloured wallpapers may need their edges colouring with a slightly lighter chalk or pastel before hanging


To ensure a perfect finish, walls should be prepared correctly; all holes should be filled, walls should be smooth, dry and cleared of any debris. Walls must be primed and if necessary cross-lined (hung horizontally) with lining paper. Lining paper helps to even out slight imperfections acting as a base for your wallpaper. Turn off the power and remove all faceplates and socket covers.

Do not hang over glossy or non-porous areas. Painted walls should be rubbed down to remove grease or soiling and glossy paint should be rubbed down with sandpaper. Pre-paste porous wall surfaces such as plasterboard or chipboard. Never hang over new plaster or un-primed walls.

Foil background designs can be damaged if high levels of alkaline are present in the walls. If in doubt, prepare the walls with an alkaline resistant primer before hanging. We recommend lining walls where highly metallic papers are being installed. If lining paper is being installed it should always be cross-lined (hung horizontally), following manufacturer’s instructions, and be allowed to dry completely.
It is the responsibility of the decorator to ensure the wallpaper is correct and, during hanging, to check there are no visible faults. No claim for hanging costs in excess of one roll will be accepted.


Our wallpapers are paste-the wall products, do not paste the paper. To begin, paste the wall over one drop in width using a paint brush or roller. Cut your first drop, allowing an additional 5cm top and bottom and apply to the wall. Use a clean, dry soft roller for smoothing and removing air bubbles. Subsequent drops must be cut allowing for the pattern match. Avoid squeezing paste out at the joints and ensure that no paste gets onto the smoothing roller.

Trim the tops and bottoms of the drops with wallpaper scissors or a knife and a straight edge. No paste should come into contact with the surface of the paper. Wash off any excess paste after hanging each drop with a clean damp cloth. It should be noted that extreme care must be taken when installing our silk and grasscloth wallpapers to ensure paste does not get onto the front of the paper as it will damage the product and cannot be wiped away as per a standard non-woven paper. Hands should always be kept clean and dry.

Check all wallpaper within 14 days of receipt; please notify your supplier of any faulty product. We cannot accept any responsibility after the wallpaper has been hung.

This information has been supplied in good faith but without guarantee. Site conditions are beyond our control.

If you have any further queries, please contact your retailer or Client Service: client.service@cole-and-son.com or Telephone: +44 (0) 207 647 7717

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